1. You are bigger than any of your creation, situation, circumstance, or past
  2. How you feel is not dictated by your circumstances
  3. Your focus, and hence choice, determine your destiny
  4. The most spiritual thing you can do is the human experience
  5. Limitations are part of the game of having a human experience
  6. You are not broken, period. You don’t need to be fixed (and stop looking for personal development courses or gurus to fix yourself)
  7. The more you own you are perfect the way you are, the more you will know the truth
  8. The more you know the truth, the more you trust yourself
  9. The more your trust yourself, the more you are who you really are
  10. Owning your darkness, quirkiness, humanness, egoic agenda; embracing your shortcomings, fears, insecurities, weakness makes you stronger, makes you whole (see #6)
  11. You can be the person you want to be – NOW
  12. You can have the feeling of what you want to have – NOW
  13. Your power exists in the NOW, not Future, not Past
  14. You have to BE it – to SEE it (what you desire). The other way will make you wait a long, long time.
  15. When you stop running away from darkness/insecurities and start running towards a life you love guided by your innate nature requiring no mental processing or thinking – your world shifts beyond imagination
  16. Real power requires no force; real truth requires no convincing (tune in to your heart and feel how you resonate with what is written here – you already know innately what is the truth)
  17. I only deal with the truth; I only speak the truth – when you work with us, you work with the truth
  18. I lead you directly to your Truth and Vision.
  19. You cannot convince me of your limitation because I see your Truth, your Brilliance, and your Essence.
  20. Being a Coach is a Bold Choice with a Vision and a commitment to excellence and results.
  21. Your Vision is only innate to YOU. It is NOT someone else’s. Start listening to your vision and guidance and choose to BOLDLY take the action that will promise you the most exciting, extraordinary life imaginable.
  22. Clarity comes from action.
  23. Perfection is not the goal in life. Creating an ecstatic life you love in every way is.
  24. Waking up ecstatic about your day, bursting with joy is your true end result (if you don’t see it being possible, see #1 and 2 – and I can teach you how)
  25. Opportunity cost for you not to learn #24 is mediocrity, misery, sadness; opportunity cost for you not to learn how to make 10 million dollars = $10 million dollars – your current income. See it this way will help you make decisions that account for your ignorance tendency and truly go for your life to the max with no regret
  26. Real confidence cannot be taken away by anything external (I can teach you how to have unshakeable self-confidence).
  27. When you own your brilliance, you will stop being the world’s best-kept secret and the smallest player in the biggest field. You will naturally shine and be an inspiration to those around you.
  28. Your challenge and mess will make people say – “wow”
  29. Being vulnerable is a likable trait
  30. Saying thank you and sorry makes you stronger, not weaker (there is a place for arrogance and it is not here). Same with acknowledging people and giving credit when credit is due.
  31. The quality of your relationship determines the quality of your life
  32. The quality of your focus determines the quality of your outcome (see #3)
  33. When you focus on others (or the world) instead of yourself, the universe can easily give you what you want
  34. You are a genius – there is NO ONE, NO ONE else on this planet that is YOU. Hence, you are IRREPLACEABLE (Don’t believe what anyone tells you otherwise).
  35. That is why – I have NO COMPETITION. I am IRREPLACEABLE (there is a place for arrogance and it is HERE)
  36. The only opinion that truly matters in your experience and in your world – is yours
  37. Be Arrogant of your GREATNESS / Be unapologetically YOU
  38. Have people want to surround themselves around you because of your magnetism charisma
  39. Do not give away your power to others’ opinions, learn to listen and trust your inner voice and inner knowing. Trust is a trainable skill.
  40. How much you trust yourself is proportional to how much you love yourself.
  41. You always have 100% trust. Fear is just 100% trust in an outcome that doesn’t serve you. Learn to trust in the right things in your life.
  42. Dare to shine – and you will give others PERMISSION to shine
  43. Money is everywhere (look at the number of ATMs), but there is only 1 of YOU (see #35)
  44. Own your TRUTH and ESSENCE, LIGHT and DARK, GOOD and BAD – because it makes you WHOLE
  45. The level you love yourself is the level you allow, see and experience how others love you. NOTHING I say here will work if you don’t love yourself as a start (I will teach you how)
  46. Your happiness is your sole responsibility, not your kid’s, partner’s, or parents. This level of responsibility is the power that will transform your life & inspire and empower everyone in your life.
  47. I am a champion. And so are you. Being PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE is a trainable skill. (I can teach you how)
  48. Who you say you are MATTERS (literally)
  49. DECIDE you are GOOD ENOUGH is the first step to banish the Imposter Syndrome
  50. How do you know being stuck in traffic is not preventing you from being in a major car accident ahead of the road? How do you know having your illness is not preventing you from being in a fatal accident – how do you know what serves you??! STOP ASSUMING

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